2020 Trends In Recruitment Marketing

The speedy growth ofrecruitment marketing is attracting more and more investment. This will have animpact on HR and hiring members, not just in 2020 but also in the years tocome. Let’s take a closer look at what the top 8 trends will mean for recruitmentmarketing.

The process ofrecruitment has changed and companies need to find new ways to stand out fromother companies. As new technology such as AI, cloud computing and leadershipexpands, it’s becoming more difficult to find excellent talent and retain them.

Because of this,recruitment marketing has gained in popularity. Some trends within the industryare set to stay and gain in strength, however, others will fade away.

8 Recruitment Marketing Trends That Will Transform How We Hi

re In 2020

The objective of recruitment marketing is to make sure your company is preferred by candidates over other companies. The result is that you will receive a larger number of applications and therefore, increase your hiring options. To do this, you need to be fully aware of the following trends in the industry.

  1. Employerbrand will become critical for candidates

An employer brand ishow the market views your company as an employer; it looks at what you canoffer your employees. This is essential when you consider just how overloadedthe hiring landscape is. According to a report from Smashfly’s 2019 RecruitmentMarketing Benchmarks, the number of companies with a precise employer brandrose by 3% between 2017 and 2018.

  • AIwill dominate communication with candidates

While currently usedfor candidate screening, AI will continue to develop and will make a mark onrecruitment. You will be able to integrate your website with recruitment botsto increase and enhance engagement. If you are interested in the particulartrend, have a look at the AI not, Mya.

  • Sharingcandidate experiences

Regardless of whetheror not you hire a candidate, you want to make sure that they have a positiveexperience with your company. Candidates are now encouraged to shareexperiences on social media platforms such as Glassdoor and LinkedIn. Theopinions that candidates read on social platforms will have a direct effect onyour recruitment marketing efforts.

  • Emphasiswill be placed on targeted content rather than job alerts

It used to be a popular practice for candidates to sign up for job alerts when a suitable position came up, they would be notified. Since 2016, job alerts have become less and less common. 2020 will see the employer brand having more value than the job, in essence, candidates will look at who they work for more than what they will be doing.

  • Theuse of social media to the max

LinkedIn is probablythe most significant social platform for recruitment, but other sites likeFacebook, Twitter, and Instagram are also now being used to search for talent.It’s necessary for employers to know just where to look for their talent. Amassive 90% of recruiters firmly believe that social media skills are crucialfor recruitment.

  • Predictiveanalytics to make hiring more effective

Predictive analyticsinvolves the use of data gathered to predict future business solutions. Usingsome of the most modern technologies will allow hiring to become morefuture-focused. Predictive analytics will enable companies to home in on themost effective hiring methods.

  • Emailwill remain necessary for recruitment marketing

Even with all of thesocial media sites and recruitment apps, email will continue to be a preferredmethod to communicate with a larger audience. Once HR has a select group of targetedtalent, they can use email to remain in contact with said potential.

  • Recruitmentmarketing content will include employee stories

Similar to shared candidate experiences, recruitment stories will be a way of improving the employer brand. Digital stories will include videos and blogs about employers. This adds a human touch to the recruitment process and allows for an emotional connection with the employer brand. The same SmashFly report said that 75% of companies used employee stories in 2018, a 50% increase from 2015.

The Progress of Investment inRecruitment Marketing Platforms

While there hasn’tbeen much activity over the last couple of years, investment is expected to hit$2 billion by 2020. The marketing trends are expected to change due to the availabilityand easier deployment of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Even now, you can investin affordable recruitment marketing platforms that will keep you ahead of thegame in 2020.

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