6 Tech Recruiting Key Performance Indicators That You Should Assess

Technology specialists are now in demandacross of range of industries from finance to law firms, from the healthindustry to retailers. Technology has become a necessary part of our businessworld and has a massive effect on our long-term Return On Investment.

In the last three months of December 2019,there were over 900,000 vacant IT jobs, just in the US. Despite attempts toproduce more skilled IT talent with bootcamps and fast-track programs, theskills gap is still growing. If you are looking to hire the best tech talent,you need to go beyond the customary recruitment strategies. It is important toappreciate where your job ads are functioning and where they aren’t. The following6 areas are some of the things you should consider when hiring.

1. Interviews Per Hire

It’s a strange thing to have to measure, butit is necessary to know how many interviews you carried out in order to getyour successful candidate. If you know how many interviews it took, you mightbe able to see just where the flaws are in your application process.

If you get a lot of applicants in the door butfew of these candidates came back for the next stage, it could imply that thereis a discrepancy between the job advert and the job description in theinterview. Knowing this, you can adjust your advert to be more precise. A largenumber of interviews coming in for the first interview and not the second stagemay also indicate that candidates are not impressed by the salary you areoffering.

If you are losing candidates between theinterview and the official job offer, this could point to your recruitingprocess taking to long and candidates mare moving on to your competitors.

2. The Number of People Viewing Your JobAdvert

It’s great that lots of candidates look atyour posting, but not when they don’t follow through and apply for the job. Itpoints to an error in your job posting.

Imagine you have 200 people look at your postand 20 applicants apply. All 20 are perfectly qualified, so you know thecontent is accurate. But there is something in the advert that is notencouraging people to move onto the next stage. It would be worth asking yourcurrent team for some feedback about the advert and change the necessary parts.

3. Specifying The Seniority

This is critical in the IT industry. The moreexperience an IT professional has, the more certifications they will haveachieved. Often, more senior IT professionals have additional skills likepeople management and team leadership skills. The actual requirements for yourjob may be the same, but you still need to specify the level of experience.

When you define the level of experience, your Key Performance Indicators will be much more accurate. Senior IT specialists will generally only apply for senior roles, Junior IT specialists will “try their luck” and apply any number of jobs. You will save yourself and your candidates’ time by stating the level of experience you are looking for.

4. Monitoring KPIs On Individual Channels

Perhaps you have an advert in your locallistings and then others on social media sites. Different adverts will functiondifferently depending on their environment and format. It is worth keepingnotes on each advert you have placed and the statistics that each provides. Byseeing where one ad works and others don’t, you can change the weaker ads toboost their performance.

If none of the ads placed in various locationsis working, then you know that there is something wrong with the fundamentalsof your advert. Go back and look at the ins and outs of your job posting.

5. Referrals Received

Referrals are an amazing benefit for ITcompanies. 27% of developers are in their present job because of referrals. Notonly this, but 82% of companies found that they had a higher ROI fromreferrals, plus the hiring process is 55% quicker.

Another concept that is becoming more and moreimportant is the culture fit in the workplace. Those who have a good culturefit will work better as a team, produce better results and therefore remain forlonger. People who have been referred will already have an idea of your culturefit, so it’s more likely that they will blend in well.

6. Your Overall Retention Rate

Finally, you need to be aware of how long your recruits stay on the job. Are they around for 6 months, a year? If your hires aren’t staying for the duration, it suggests that what they thought of you as a company (ie your employer brand) is not the same as what they are experiencing. This will have a knock-on effect on your referrals.

If your issues are a low retention rate, youneed to work on your brand image and the culture in your location.

In Summary

There doesn’t seem to be signs of the highdemand and low supply changing. Being conscious of your Key PerformanceIndicators will help you to attract the right number and type of candidates.Furthermore, your KPI’s should help you retain these candidates by learning howto enhance your employer brand image.