AI in Recruiting

Finding the perfect talent is notan easy job. Approximately 73 percent of employers face difficulties and cannotfind job candidates who are proficient in their field and who have properskills. Thanks to this, the hiring process is slowing down. Fortunately, thisis not always the case.

Many innovative recruiters aroundthe world always find ways that are helpful when it comes to recruiting. Manyrecruiters make recruiting more efficient and more accessible by using AI. Thewhole process, besides being successful in finding the right people, is alsocost-effective.

  1. AI fastens the process of finding the perfect candidate. Mya Systems, AI-based, make even passive candidates aware of the job. AllyO is another successful AI-based tool that finds the most qualified candidates for the job posting.
  2. Resumes are not enough, and they do not always prove that someone is qualified for the job. Harver, on the other hand, gives employers a complete picture by giving applicants tests. There is also ClearFit, which finds and ranks candidates and HireVue by using AI algorisms interviews and schedules interviews and video screening.
  3. Virtual interviews have never been this popular before. According to Johanna Silver, applicants can even record and send interviews by themselves if a company is not available at the moment. Over 80 percent of companies worldwide use digital interviews. They are comfortable, efficient, and allow you to see more candidates in one day. You only have to find a perfect AI technology. HireVue and VCV.AI are great options.
  4. Virtual interviews can read and analyze facial expressions better than anything. AI helps in here and is catches the moods and the personality traits of candidates. TLT Consulting’s expert Dr. Terri Horton says that AI recruiting video interview platforms use biometric and psychometric analysis and allow employers to know a little more about the candidates. Wade and Wendy help in here.
  5. AI also chooses the right resumes fit for the job posting. Countless hours were spent in the process of going through resumes to find someone right for the job. But, this side also has disadvantages. It is risky if you take into consideration multiple scandals that included prejudice.
  6. AI tools like Engage Talent and Arya deliver candidates thanks to personalized engagement. Engaging is helpful to the process because it attracts the best candidates for the job.

It has been estimated that Artificial intelligence will replace about 16 percent of HR roles. The improvement of technology is responsible for it, and the recruitment process is better, everyone has to admit. It not only saves precious time but also saves money and takes companies ahead of the competition.