Being Ghosted? How Your Company Can Keep Applicants from Disappearing

The term “ghosting” has initially been used in the dating world, it referred to a potential romantic partner that has just vanished without any further communication. Currently, the term is used in numerous situations, including hiring, because sometimes job applicants stop responding and seemingly disappear.

In the early stages of recruiting, employers are guilty of ghosting on their candidates, too. According to a study conducted by Inavero on behalf of CareerBuilder, employers frequently fall short of candidates’ communication expectations:

  • 84% of the total number of candidates said they were expecting a personal email response while a little over 50 percent expected a phone call. However, only 52 percent of employers used to respond to less than half of the candidates who apply.
  • 36% of candidates await feedback during the application process, while 41% anticipate a notification from the recruiter if they failed to pass the interview. Yet just 26% of employers proactively inform their candidates regarding the stage of the hiring process they’re in.
  • Almost three out of every four candidates, 73 percent to be more exact, said they have never received an explanation for why they didn’t get the job.

There are many situations in hiring which a candidate ghosted your company without a particular reason. The first step to make is to be sure you’re not setting a bad example. Here are a few other ways that will help you from being ghosted.

  • Make the process of ghosting hard – You have to start a connection with your candidate because only like this, they will feel close enough to you and won’t ignore your calls or messages.
  • Speed up your processes – The current average unemployment rate is under 5percent, while the time-to-fill is at an all-time high of 29 days. Great workers won’t sit around, so if you want to prevent them from disappearing on you don’t let your candidates wait for too long.
  • Focus on their experience – Clear one week of your schedule and focus just on your applicants. Please pay close attention to their experience and keep them updated about every decision you make. If they are not correctly updated, they will, for sure, disappear. If they ask you, answer them, take a moment for every one of them and respond to them.
  • Hire support if you are unable to do everything by yourself. Do not do a job for three people by yourself.

If you need additional support regardless of these tips, ask professional help.