Great news! ๐Ÿš€๐ŸŽ‰  Announcing the launch of our new company exclusively dedicated to staffing!  

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Who we are

About our group


We are bootstrapped

If you see a company with more than forty brands, it would be fair to assume that we took investments to make it happen, but we did not. We are 100% bootstrapped.


Innovation above all

We strongly believe that through innovation, we can make an impact. Improve lives and sustainable growth. We are always on the lookout to learn and grow. This is also why we are investing in Education.


100% Iteration

Imagine having a lab to test out new ideas, new technologies. This is what our group is about. We have created a technological playground. We test new concepts until they become profitable.

About MNK Group SA

Technology and iteration is at the core of what we do

Staffing, done better
Many tech companies are failing to retain talents. The network they work with, whether itโ€™s with staffing agencies or recruitment companies, or themselves, has been proven ineffective. On the other side, MNK Group SA, through its strong network, does it successfully for Fortune 500 companies and Medium size businesses.

Your people = your business
We have developed successful processes to make sure employees and contractors are happy and engaged. Your people are your business.
High quality talent
Our company has a strong network of talent in niche technologies. We can help you staff top talents quickly and efficiently. Bringing you top talents means your competitors donโ€™t get them, but you do.

In the heart of Eastern Europe
Our network of specialists, programmers are located in the heart of Eastern Europe, and so are we.