How Has AI Transformed the Workplace?

In companies today, smart work is recognized as more profitable than hard work and on that note, Artificial intelligence cannot be ignored. The technology has shown the ability to replace human effort in tasks that are repetitive, tedious, and time-consuming thus creating more time and effort for tasks that require a higher level of creativity and concentration ultimately leading to a more productive work environment for both worker and employers.

With a wide range of AI tools available today, let’s visit how some of these tools have been able to make various modifications in the modern workplace.

Assist Employees

An artificial intelligence tool such as a chatbot has become very useful in most businesses and has increased in popularity over the last few years. Mainly used for customer service, these chatbots can be used to assist internal employees by giving them easy access to readily prepared information they may be in need of such as FAQS. In this instance, a chatbot can give readily prepared answers to questions relating to employee benefits. This would allow a worker have easy access to information regarding this topic at any point in time and they would not have to disrupt the flow of the HR’s head day seeking information and the HR head, in turn, can focus on more pressing demands.

Communication Assistance

Some AI tools offer assistance in situations where languagecould stand as a barrier by effectively translating one language into anotherin real-time. This ensures efficient communication between various onlineparties in conference calls or messaging platforms.

Identify Security Threats

Created with the ability to monitor systems for malfunctionsor abnormal activities, Some AI technologies can spot intrusions from anoutsider or unusual activities by an employee and immediately alert theappropriate team so actions can be taken in response to whatever threat isdetected.

Hiring processes

AI can be very useful in filling vacant positions in companies, especially in instances when the requirements include top talents. Having the right AI tools can help streamline hiring processes in several ways such as making recommendations to help create more appealing postings to candidates based on the company’s history. They can also automate the screening of candidates as well as schedule meetings and interviews.

Eliminate repetitive administrative tasks.

Administrative tasks that require repetition can be handled by the right AI solutions. An AI-supported personal assistant can help with meeting schedules, reminders, requests, cancellations, and appointments. They can also prepare, distribute minutes of meetings and help transcribe from one format to another.

Ultimately, AI is an amazing innovation that has continued to make a positive impact and transformations to the workplace in 2019 and beyond as we hope for more innovations to come.

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