How Omnipresent Technology Is Having An Impact On Tech Talent

Technology is continuously playing a moreimportant part of our lives. It’s not just the speed at which developers arecreating new technology, we are also starting to use these new technologiesmuch quicker than we did in the past. According to the Harvard Business Review,after several decades the telephone had only achieved 50% penetration. When welook back at the 1990s, the internet had gained the same popularity within justa few years.

While we marvel at what it can do for us, weseem to bypass just how rooted technology has become in our day-to-day lives.The aim of this article is to highlight some areas where technology is highlysignificant but we might have missed the fact. What we also may not haveconsidered, it that these rather concealed technologies still require (and areincreasing the demand for) expert technical talent.

Below are just three examples of where technology but not be visible, however, it still plays an incredibly important function.

Disney’s MyMagic+

IF you have been fortunate to visit a Disneytheme park recently, you will have been introduced to the MagicBand wristband.This offers a number of conveniences such as unlocking doors, entering parks,charging food or gifts directly to their room, and reclaim FastPass bookings.

The MyMagic+ technology has cost Disney morethan $1 billion and includes the MagicBand as well as the new Disney mobileapp, which assists users in planning their holidays. The MyMagic project is oneof the largest investment Disney has ever made since the founding of thecompany, the demands of the project required an impressive team who coulddeliver technology that was worthy of the time and money the company spent.

Will Disney ever recover this investment? Italready has! MyMagic+ programs have raised revenues and profits across thecompany’s parks.

New York City’s Transit Wireless

As one would imagine, New York’s publictransport system is huge, with around 5.5 million passengers in just oneweekday. As a great part of the system is underground, it is a challenge forthe passengers to be able to use mobile phones due to the lack of signal,neither for calls or connecting to the Internet. For today’s generation, timewithout using their mobile is time wasted.

To solve this problem, New York created theTransit Wireless technology development initiative. As of 2017, 282 stationshad wireless technology. In just a matter of years, the initiative providedWiFi to millions of commuters.

Smart Household Appliances

Owning a smart appliance isn’t just aboutbeing up-to-date with the latest technology, they really are able to make lifeeasier and more enjoyable. Washing machines can play music, fridges can helpwith online shopping, ovens can assist you with your recipes. Some are evenintegrated with Netflix and Youtube.

Nevertheless, to achieve this, developers havehad to think outside the box to be able to combine digital technology inappliances that had Never been equipped with it before. Obstacles thatengineers faced included updating codecs, heightening security, and adding thenext wave of apps.

Going forward, as smart appliances advance,they are going to require a technology team that is capable of solving the nextset of programming challenges.

How To Get Ahead With Tech Talent

One of the most impressive things abouttechnology today is that the possibilities are endless, if you can imagine it,someone can create it. For those businesses that want to remain in line withthe competition, it is crucial for them to begin researching and installing newtechnology such as the ones mentioned above. To do this, they are going to needenough technological talent to bring ideas to life. Considering the lack oftech talent, companies are only likely to get ahead if they know exactly whereto look and have the utmost sourcing and screening process, and interviewtechniques to hire and retain the best candidates.

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