Is Social Media Improving Or Destroying Recruitment?

The only social media site thatallows recruitment, job searches, and networking opportunities is LinkedIn.Both talents and businesses, after making their profiles here, can be a part ofmultiple groups, job openings, resumes, and more. They also can read differentarticles and improve their opinion or their businesses.

Unfortunately, talents do notalways have a profile on LinkedIn. Some of them have never even heard of it.Yes, this is possible and proven by multiple reports. For example, Millennialsand Generation Z use multiple other platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.Twitter is quite popular in the west because it gives news, and a lot ofinfluential companies are present there. Facebook is famous for sure, but it isnot a platform used for work.

In general, social media helpbusinesses a lot for recruitment purposes. It also helps job seekers to findthe position they dream about. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t anydisadvantages.

Companies And Social Media:


Social media can promote onebusiness by sharing much relevant information and giving an inside look. Itsvalue, goals, and missions can also be available for the public eye. The personresponsible for social media can also reply to messages sent by candidates thatcontain questions, the need for assistance, and support. This way can alsotouch passive candidates – humans that do not actively look for a job. Socialmedia can enter one candidate’s life. After all, people share personal opinionson everything on social media. That is an excellent opportunity for abackground check.


Not everyone uses social media;thus there are always going to be talented candidates that won’t see your jobposting. Social media is not recommended for hard-to-fill positions due to alack of searching skills. Last but not least, there is a chance ofdiscrimination accusations. Al job targeting on social media is not recommendedbecause it has been proved that it discriminates.



If you have a strong wish to workfor a company, find them on social media, follow them, and interact with them.Like this, you will receive notifications that will notify you about every jobposting. Also, you will be able to discover more about this company’s culture.With social media, you can present a professional image of yourself.


A lot of pictures and photos fromthe past can destroy you. Delete them before contacting a company that you wantto work for. Take in mind that the most wanted positions are not usuallyavailable on social media. There are special pages for them that you shouldcheck and make a profile on.

Social media influences both candidates and companies when it comes to recruitment. If it is correctly done, it can bring success on both sides. Use the platforms to increase career opportunities and use them well.

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