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Career Board

CareerBoard.io makes hiring easy. Create powerful career boards for your business.


Academy.sh provides top notch online courses and classes to learn everything about programming. Learn at your own pace.  


Crescendo.ai is a data science firm with its own AI R&D center. We are a private Swiss initiative, with operations across Europe. We build and implement AI-powered solutions and tools to help…

Only Remote


With the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of businesses went remote. They had to. This created a lack of clarity for job seekers. Which jobs are remote based on circumstances, and which one…


TeamSecure is a consultancy company with the goal to provide online and offline security services.  


Talent Acquisition Platform – JobHawk is a powerful job board software that helps businesses post their open positions in a breeze. Go to JobHawk.io


  KillerCoder.io is a fast-growing testing platform to test developers across your organization. You can create an account for your company, and invite prospective candidates and test their technical and/or soft skills.…


Unicorn.io is the easiest way to hire Software Developers, Engineers, QA Testers and Engineering Team Leaders. Find your unicorn! Go to Unicorn.io