TechPeer is a fast-growing ITC company operating from Switzerland, and providing ICT services across Europe.  

Career Board makes hiring easy. Create powerful career boards for your business.

Hire Recruiters

Need recruiters and HR staff? HireRecruiters provide you with a vast set of tools and manpower to help you increase your recruitment and HR efforts.

Hire CTO

Need a new CTO or a tech lead? is the solution you need.¬† is your unbiased technological partner that act just like your CTO, without any of the headache. We can…

Who is Hiring?

“Who is hiring” is a project that our company started to allows companies and prospective candidates to connect on a country-by-country level all across Europe. This project has been started as a…

IT Jobs Romania

IT Jobs Romania is a Facebook group with more than 12,000 members. It allows employers and prospective candidates to connect. Go to IT Jobs Romania

Only Remote

With the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of businesses went remote. They had to. This created a lack of clarity for job seekers. Which jobs are remote based on circumstances, and which one…