The Importance of Compassionate Offboarding

First impressions are an important aspect for us as HR experts. This helps us create a positive atmosphere for candidates and employees. We are trying our best to guide them in becoming successful from the first day in the new workplace. This, of course, needs financial support from the company, so we can implement certain strategies that will pay off in the long run.

Not only the first day of work makes a strong impression but also the last one, studies even showed that the last day is more important than the first and has a bigger impact. That might be because the first impression is not a clear one and is based only on assumptions, not truly knowing the company or people you start working with. The last day is more important for people because they are at the end of a relationship that was based on respect and trust and have a bigger emotional impact on the individual.

This is why we also have to pay a lot of attention to the employees that are in their last days in the company, even if the circumstances of their leaving are not the happier ones.

Layoffs or reductions are quite common in our days, but a separation not wanted by both parts is a difficult one to accept by the one that is leaving. An HR expert needs to do difficult choices every day. But do we always make an effort in these situations, to not humiliate in any way the ones leaving the company involuntarily? Do we always try our best to be compassionate and kind?

So how does compassionate off-boarding needs to be?

The whole process needs to be planed. This way, you will be prepared for unexpected situations or reactions. You need to think about the logistical aspects beforehand so you can be one hundred percent present when the notification is given to the employee. Give some advice to the employee in charge of conducting the meeting as well so everything will work out as good as it can for both employees, the one delivering and the one getting the news. It would also be a good idea to provide as much support as possible to help them find a new job or, at least, access to different courses.

You should also think about the employees that continue to work in the company and the impact these leaves have on them. It is important to create a plan to help them move on together and not to be scared or feel uncertainty.

To have a plan like the onewe discussed until now, will help everybody to accept the situation easier andthe company will be heading to a better future. 

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