The Rise in Demand for Node.js Developers over PHP Programmers

Taking a look at the industry and the recent trends, it has beendiscovered that while the demand for software developers will remain stable inthe years to come, all indications show that Node.js developers are in higherdemand than others, especially PHP programmers.

Some factors are responsible for this move in recent times. Oneof which is the rate at which products built with Node.js is gaining massivepopularity. A good example is real-time messaging and chat apps. The use ofNode.js for building these products is found to be highly beneficial to thesebusinesses. Moreover, it is more convenient when using a single language forthe frontend and backend.

Taking a Look at Node.js and PHP

A Node.js is said to be a runtime environment that permits youto build server-side applications in JavaScript.

PHP, on the other hand, is said to be a server-side language. Thus, a PHP is usually paired with a frontend language that combines CSS, HTML, and JavaScript in building full-stack web apps.

The Node.js uses both frontend and backend language in JavaScript and also uses full-stack applications like MEVN and MEAN.

In 2017and 2018, Node.js was reported to have taken the first place as the most used technology in the Stack Overflow Survey under the category of Libraries, Frameworks, and Tools.

It is not that JavaScript is a better programming language thanthe rest. It only happens to be one of the popular ones. PHP is also popular.However, since Node.js came into the market and introduced backend programmingfor JavaScript, the demand in the market shifted significantly.

On the job market, the search for Node.js has increasedsignificantly and has placed it on the list of ten most searched tech skills.PHP, on the other hand, features as the 14th on this ranking board. Also, thepay for Node.js is significantly higher than that of PHP. This is becausecompanies are offering more for Node.js since it is a little difficult to getthem, unlike the PHP that has more job postings.

Why Are Companies Tilting Towards Node.js?

 A lot of reasons can be cited as to why many companies areshifting from the backend language and taking up full-stack JavaScript. One ofsuch reasons is that the Node.js comes with one of the biggest librariescontaining tools and resources. Most of these tools in npm are free,open-source, and the cost of production has been reduced drastically. Also,these tools are constantly updated.

The node.js uses the same language as both frontend and backendlanguage. Thus, lesser time is used in developing a web application. It alsoenables codes to be reused.

More companies are tilting towards Node.js because of its great performance in the market, especially in relation to real-time applications such as live chats, instant messaging, forums, gaming apps, etc.

Limitations of Node.js

In spite of these amazing features of node.js, it is howeverseen that its performance is limited where a web application needs much CPUusage. It is also not the best for websites that are CMS- based.

Node.js is in high demand and has been reported that the highdemand for it will continue demand; this means that it will continue to growand be the preferred choice.

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