Using The Latest Technologies to Improve Your Hiring and Retention Processes

The traditional hiringprocess was usually left to the manager or HR department. It typically involvedone person and before anyone else knew it, there was a new team member.

Recruiting will alwaysrequire an element of human contact but we are now seeing technology play alarger part in both hiring and retention. The focus of this article will be onthe technology we can use to improve these two processes, but first, it’s importantto understand why hiring and retention are so important.

The benefits of hiring the right person

Recruitment is farfrom finding a person to fill a job vacancy. If you have the means, you canhire anyone to do the job, but today, it’s more important to find the idealperson who has the ability to add value to your business, not just increasedrevenue.

New hires providenew ideas

Innovation is the keyto grow in any industry. If you have had the same team members for a number ofyears, a new face might bring in ideas that people haven’t been thinking of.It’s like a makeover for your business, a way to shake things up.

New skills

Hiring from outsidedoesn’t mean that your current staff is not capable. A new person will havecertain skills that the team doesn’t have, which is probably one of the mainreasons for hiring them in the first place.

Gaining specificexperience

If your hire has comefrom a competitor you will be able to learn a great deal about what othercompanies in your industry are doing. You will be able to implement new ideasto overcome older problems.

How can technology assist inthe hiring process?

There are probably 4key areas of technology that can help you when you are recruiting. Let’s take alook at how each may help you hire the perfect candidate:

Social Media

While social media isnothing new, it is becoming a more common channel for recruitment. It will bedifficult to find a more cost-effective recruitment method that allows you toreach millions.

You will need to do more than simply posting a job advert and wait for your dream candidate to contact you. Recruiting via social media requires interaction. You need to make sure that you have a strong business presence online by posting information and updates about your company. Include photos of company events, snippets of new and exciting products or services, ask your staff for interviews to provide potential candidates a better idea of what it’s like working for your company.

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

When you begin toreceive contact from interested people, it might be difficult to keep on top ofall the correspondence, especially if you receive large amounts of interest.This is where chatbots can help you to answer all of the questions about thecompany.

Not only can chatbotsquickly reply to numerous messages, but they are also easy and fast to put intoplace. It’s a lot less work for a company to have a developer to create a botthan it is to train the staff needed to respond to all of the messages. Thereis also the added benefit of scalability.

Active recruitment

Active recruitmentinvolves using sites to proactively look for talent. Social media sites likeLinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram are a great place to search for profiles andjob seekers within your field.

Most people will beflattered that you considered them for the position. Just remember to keep itpolite and professional.

Periscope Q&As

Periscope is a littleGem that should be more widely used in businesses. This tool allows you to speakto massive audiences around the world. By running Q&A sessions you cancapture the attention of potential candidates and mine the contact details ofthose who fit your needs.

Why is retention crucial foryour business?

You might say thatcontrary to popular belief, hiring someone is actually the beginning of theprocess. Your part in the role certainly hasn’t finished yet. It’s now time foryou to ensure that the new hire is happy in their role. Here is why:

In-house promotions

In order for you topromote within your own team, you need to make sure that your staff is therefor long enough to acquire the necessary skills to be able to promote them.Keeping your new candidates happy and showing them the possibility to advancewill keep them around for longer.

Improved productivity

It goes without sayingthat a happy team that works well together is going to be more productive. Toreally maximize your productivity you can over incentives for extraencouragement. This doesn’t have to be in the form of money!

An outstanding reputation

Your reputation can lead to the company’s success or failure and never has this been more crucial than today’s digital world. Maintain positive relationships with clients, current staff members, and new hires, This includes being polite and friendly with candidates that didn’t get the job. Don’t leave any room for people to leave negative comments online.

How can technology assist yourretention?

There are threeprincipal ways for you to use technology to improve your retention:

To monitor levels of stress and overall morale

For you to get a goodunderstanding of how your staff feels, they need to be able to speak openly anddiscuss concerns when they come up. Without this option, many staff membersfeel under-appreciated and are more likely to quit.

Online portals providea way for staff to contact their supervisors or managers without feelinguncomfortable. With an open line of communication, your team will be more liketo discuss any issues.

Flexible conditions are no longer a luxury

Not that long ago theworking day was 9 to 5 and coming in an hour later or leaving an hour earlier musthave meant you were higher up in the company. Skip ahead to today and thingslike flexible hours and remote work are part of many recruitment packages.

Today’s technologymeans that any number of jobs can be completed away from the desk. If you areable to offer such flexibility, your staff will greatly appreciate this, seethat you trust them, and in return, will be happier workers.

Online Training

Another thing thatemployees value, and some equally or more than pay, is the opportunity toprogress within a company. Providing online skills-based training shows yourstaff that you are true to your work and that career advancement is a realthing in your company, again, building trust.

In Conclusion

New technology can bea scary thing for many, but it’s a case of getting on board or getting leftbehind. You now know a number of advantages of using technology throughout yourhiring and retention processes, now it’s just a case of putting them intoplace!

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